Classified releases new EP “Tomorrow Could Be…,” and music video for “Fallen”

Multi-platinum Canadian hip-hop artist and producer Classified recently released his new EP, Tomorrow Could Be…, as well as a music video for the track “Fallen.” The music video was shot in Toronto by Jacqueline Andrade and was premiered as a Billboard exclusive. It draws attention to the daily struggle of moving through life at such a fast pace that we often find ourselves drowning. The visual focuses on themes such as frustration, communication, day-to-day survival and moving swiftly through life just trying to keep your head above water. Classified mentioned that he wrote the song from observation and seeing what’s going on in the world and how society reacts to it.

The six-track EP, Tomorrow Could Be… features innovative and genuine narratives within the songs. Classified (Luke Boyd) brings attention to a number of important current topics and issues throughout the EP.

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