Interview and Acoustic with Blaine Zimmerman

A few weeks ago, I met up with a relatively new Country music singer/songwriter, Blaine Zimmerman. He currently resides in Bowmanville, Ontario and has recently released his first 5-song EP, Worth Fighting For. Zimmerman solely wrote three of the five tracks and had a little help from Runaway Angel‘s Cadence Grace and former lead guitarist for The Guess Who, Dale Russell, on the other two tracks.

Russell has other credits on this EP, including performing acoustic guitar and mixing. Cadence Grace is featured on his song “If It Ain’t You”.

The first single is “Ride On”. An emotional tune about a very dear friend of Zimmerman’s who lost her battle to brain cancer. The experience touched him deeply and he put all of that into this beautiful song. Since our interview, there is now a music video for this. Very moving!

We talk about all this and more plus, he did an acoustic version of “Ride On” for us. Hope you like it.

Connect with Blaine Zimmerman:

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