Countdown to Cavendish Beach Music Fest – Interview with Petric

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Cavendish Beach Music Festival kicks off on July 6 until July 9 in Cavendish, PEI. The talent that is set to play is overwhelming, but we have round up a few of the artists/ bands to chat with us in a countdown to the big event. We started things off with three-piece country/ southern rock band, The Road Hammers, then brother-sister duo, The Reklaws, Ontario’s Shae Dupuy, and now we’re on to Transcona, MB brother’s Tom and Jason, known as Petric!

First off, please introduce yourself to our readers.

We are Petric. We are brothers, Tom and Jason, And we hail from Transcona, a small suburb on the east side of Winnipeg

Is it your first time performing at Cavendish Beach Music Fest? If not, what is your favourite thing about CBMF?

Everything about Cavendish Beach Music Fest and PEI is very very special. The whole province is like one big small town. The people are amazing, and they take a lot of pride in their home! One of the best festivals we’ve been apart of.

While you’re in Prince Edward Island, what is one site you’d love to check out?

Anywhere that has lobster!

Is there a specific artist that you’re anxious to check out at the festival?

All of them! What a line-up! It’ll fun to see the James Barker boys! Big fan of those guys

Have you ever attended a music festival as a fan, if so, which one was it and what was the best part?

We use to do Dauphins Countryfest when we first graduated high school. Were big country music fans, and it was always a lot of fun to drink beer, hang out with some of our best friends, and check out a whole weekend full of amazing artists

What’s the main difference in preparation between a standard show and a festival?

We send a few more emails to get organized for festivals haha but as a band, nothing changes. We always want to bring a good energy, and have fun.

Do you feel that festivals affect how you plan your set list?

Nope, as long as we feel our fans can have fun at our shows!

If you were to put together your own festival, who would be some of the artists in your lineup?

We’ve still yet to see a Sam Hunt show, so he’d have to be on there!

What festival have you yet to perform at that you would love to be given the opportunity to be a part of?

Every small town festival in Canada! Small towns know how to party.

Are you set to play any other Canadian festivals this summer? If so, which ones?

We get the opportunity to play Calgary Stampede, Boots and Hearts, and Dauphins Countryfest, Boothill Jamboree, and the Tweed Stampede this year!

Last but certainly not least, tell us what’s up next for you?

Nashville, Writing, Recording, Tour!

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