Show Review – Darenots at Adelaide Hall

It seems like a lot of things these days are reminding me of my younger years. I understand that makes me sound older than I actually am, but once upon a time, I used to frequent the dive bars listening to bands barely anybody knew. And while Adelaide Hall isn’t exactly a dive bar, it definitely brought back the great memories that came with it – even if it was only 10 or so years ago.

So when I was introduced to the band Darenots a few months back, it was another band I could add to my list. I was asked to tag along to see them as they were opening for another Canadian band, Walk Off The Earth, while they were doing their US leg of their world tour. Their closest date was in Grand Rapids, Michigan, so my friend and I made a weekend of it and took a road trip and the rest is history. These four guys may have been the opening band and had enormous shoes to fill, they owned the stage and the audience.

The show at Adelaide Hall on June 28th, 2018, may not have been the largest of venues, but they owned the stage just like they did in Michigan and every other big stage they played on with WOTE. These guys have such an electric energy that you can’t help but love. You can tell they vibe with the music and feed off the energy of their audiences. And while they are a cohesive band, they also bring a little something different to the table that you wouldn’t think would mesh, but instead they create something amazing.

The drums are literally the heart of every beat and Swav jams so effortlessly, that he can play those lime green drums in his sleep. Jimmy brings oddly spooky vocals that you wouldn’t think worked well with the overall sound, but instead enhances every aspect. Rev brings a charismatic air to the stage combined with reggae vocals that full of energy. And last but not least, C.J. rocks a certain kind of spunk that can’t be described, only witnessed; He rocks the guitar, the vocals and the stage from beginning to end.

Playing the tracks off their new album Enter the Darenots and previous releases, they did everything from “Trouble” and “Murda Whistle” to “Strange Love” and “Down”, which they co-wrote and recorded with Gianni Luminati – one of the lead singers of Walk Off The Earth. Whatever they sang, they would have had the audience in their hands.

The stage at Adelaide Hall may have been small, but the venue was full of family, friends and fans of the band rocked out from beginning to end. The venue, the vibe and the music made me feel like I was in my early 20s again and I definitely enjoyed every minute – as did every one else who was there too.


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