Countdown to Cavendish Beach Music Fest – Interview with Shae Dupuy

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Cavendish Beach Music Festival kicks off on July 6 until July 9 in Cavendish, PEI. The talent that is set to play is overwhelming, but we have round up a few of the artists/ bands to chat with us in a countdown to the big event. We started things off with three-piece country/ southern rock band, The Road Hammers, then brother-sister duo, The Reklaws, and now we’re on to Ontario’s own Shae Dupuy.

First off, please introduce yourself to our readers.

Hey guys I’m Shae! I’m a Canadian singer-songwriter born in BC, raised in Ontario and current splitting my time between Cambridge, Ontario and Nashville, TN.

Is it your first time performing at Cavendish Beach Music Fest? If not, what is your favourite thing about CBMF?

Yeah, it’s my first time, I’m super excited.

While you’re in Prince Edward Island, what is one site you’d love to check out?

The Green Gable house! I’m a bookworm and I loved Anne of Green Gables so I think checking out the place that inspired it would be pretty cool.

Is there a specific artist that you’re anxious to check out at the festival?

I’m really excited to see Brett Eldredge. I saw him open up for Keith Urban years ago when he was first starting out so I’m excited to see where he’s at now!

Have you ever attended a music festival as a fan, if so, which one was it and what was the best part?

I have! I think just the atmosphere was the best part for me. Everybody coming together for a weekend of good music, I really loved that.

What’s the main difference in preparation between a standard show and a festival?

I think with a festival there’s a lot of things going on all at once, whereas when you’re doing a one-off show, you get peoples attention for an hour or two and that’s it. So I always try and keep things a little bit more upbeat and fun to grab people attention.

Do you feel that festivals affect how you plan your set list?

A little, I try and do the crowd favourite and a few more covers than normal so if people don’t know my stuff, they’ll at least be able to sing along at some point in my set!

If you were to put together your own festival, who would be some of the artists in your lineup?

That’s a tough question… I’d probably have Maren Morris, Brothers Osborne, Luke Combs just to name a few. There’s so many I could pick but those are the artists I have on repeat at the moment.

What festival have you yet to perform at that you would love to be given the opportunity to be a part of?

There’s a festival in California that’s the country equivalent of Coachella called Stage Coach, I think that’s up there on the bucket list of places to play.

Are you set to play any other Canadian festivals this summer? If so, which ones?

No just Cavendish, which makes me so much more excited for it.

Last but certainly not least, tell us what’s up next for you?

I’ve been writing so much over the last year putting together the best songs I can and working towards my next album. I’ll be heading back into the studio soon. That’s all I can say as of now!

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