Review – The Almighty Rhombus

Release Date: Available Now
Genre: Rock/Pop

The diverse, ever-fun garage collective The Almighty Rhombus is taking no prisoners with their new EP, SWISH.  Produced by rock legend Ian Blurton (Public Animal, Change of Heart), the 4-track EP is a romp from start to finish, sampling from genres of punk, soul, stadium rock, new wave, and alternative.

Claimed to be like the feeling of “when you push off the ground for a jump shot, feel the full extension of your body and how your arms swing up like clockwork, how you push your hands away from your chest and up, up towards the sky, how you feel the spin of the ball as your fingers roll off the nubuck and it arcs through the air in a beautiful curve, seeming to hang at the apex of eternity before falling, falling, falling into the basket with a satisfying swish”, SWISH is an exploration in exhilaration: from summery opening track “Last Century” to slow-swaying, psychedelic late-EP “Maiden”, SWISH is a throwback joyride that will appeal to any easy listener.

Looking for your next playlist stuffer? Look no further—SWISH is available now.

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