Countdown to Cavendish Beach Music Fest – Interview with The Reklaws

Photo Supplied by The Reklaws

Cavendish Beach Music Festival kicks off on July 6 until July 9 in Cavendish, PEI. The talent that is set to play is overwhelming, but we have round up a few of the artists/ bands to chat with us in a countdown to the big event. We started things off with three-piece country/ southern rock band, The Road Hammers, and now we’re on to brother-sister duo, The Reklaws!

First off, please introduce yourself to our readers.

Hello!!! We are The Reklaws! A brother-sister country duo who are chasing the country music star dream! We grew up on a farm, went to University, played all over Canada and signed with Universal Music! Things have been pretty awesome for us, we have been on quite a journey to get to where we are today. Our goals are big, so we know that our journey is just beginning, but we are blessed in the love we have received and cannot wait to see what is ahead!

Is it your first time performing at Cavendish Beach Music Fest? If not, what is your favourite thing about CBMF?

THIS IS OUR FIRST TIME! And we kinda cannot wait! First off we have never been to PEI?! And secondly, we heard that Cavendish is a festival we will never forget!

While you’re in Prince Edward Island, what is one site you’d love to check out?

We really want to see the red sand?! But we also cannot wait to try the seafood… we heard the Lobster roll is where it is at!

Is there a specific artist that you’re anxious to check out at the festival?

We are excited about so many artists performing there, especially since we will be sharing the stage with them. We will only be there for the Sunday so we are so excited to watch our fellow label mates, The James Barker Band and then, of course, Jon Pardi and Luke Bryan!

Have you ever attended a music festival as a fan, if so, which one was it and what was the best part?

We have attended many music festivals as fans! Actually, the year that we won the Boots and Hearts Emerging Artist showcase we had actually purchased tickets to attend the festival! But, once we were notified that we had been selected as one of the contenders we had to sell our tickets! Little did we know that that would be the beginning of the rest of our careers! The people whom we met through Boots and Hearts to this day our on our team!

What’s the main difference in preparation between a standard show and a festival?

The difference is that you are kind of flying by the seat of your pants! Because there are so many people to hit the stage, you have very little prep time. But that is all apart of the fun, because you know you will have some of the best sound people around helping to make it easy! Also, its usually the hottest day lol so getting ready (as in curling my hair and doing my makeup) becomes a spectacle! By the end of the show, you are just sweat.

Do you feel that festivals affect how you plan your set list?

I believe festivals definitely affect the way you plan your setlist! People are there to have the best time, so you need to make sure you cater to that!

If you were to put together your own festival, who would be some of the artists in your lineup?

OOOOO I really like this question! It would be an array of people that is for sure. It would probably have names like… Taylor Swift, Post Malone, Sam Hunt, Kenny Chesney, Shania Twain, and the Spice Girls?!

What festival have you yet to perform at that you would love to be given the opportunity to be a part of?

CAVENDISH! haha I know we are now apart of it, but that has been one on the bucket list for a while now! Other ones would be Faster Horses, this festival looks like something right up our alley!

Are you set to play any other Canadian festivals this summer? If so, which ones?

We are playing an array of shows, places like… Lucknow, Peller Estates Winery, Kinstock Music Festival, Peterborough Music Fest… just to name a few! But you can see all of our dates at

Last but certainly not least, tell us what’s up next for you?

Whats next… is new music and more shows! We are just getting started on the journey we see for ourselves! You will be hearing new Reklaw Music probably halfway through the summer which we are truly psyched about! Thank you for your love for us and our music! We cannot thank you enough!

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