Review – Steph Morin

Album: I Won’t Forget You
Release Date; June 29, 2018
Genre: Country

Steph Morin is a Canadian singer-songwriter who started on the Montreal music scene a little more than 15 years ago. Steph has just released his third country, rock album I Won’t Forget You. The album is a full rollercoaster of emotions and seems to tell a story of a relationship with many ups and downs. Steph is an absolutely great musician and this album is no exception!

The opening track, “Last Train” is a great rock-inspired song that is really enjoyable and upbeat, having a similar sound to a Bon Jovi track.

“I Won’t Forget You”, the title track is all about the mixed emotions a person can go through while in a committed relationship, keeping positive memories.

The song “Believe” seems to flow from “I Won’t Forget You”. Some of the lyrics state “So Long, I’ve had a great time“. The album definitely follows the storyline or theme of the rocky relationship, which many will relate to.

The five track release was an enjoyable listen, and I would definitely recommend this album to any soft rock/country lovers. Steph will be a household name in no time. You can hear the emotion and heart in his music, which leaves you wanting more.

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