Review – Foxtrott

Album: Meditations I
Release: June 15, 2018
Genre: Indie/Pop

Montreal-based indie/pop songstress Foxtrott released the first in a three-part instalment of EP’s; the first titled ˆMeditations I”. Born Marie-Helene Delorme – the self-taught singer, songwriter and producer is releasing the three-track EP as a follow-up to her acclaimed album A Taller Us.

The album was released under One Little Indian Records and features three mystical melodic creations- filled with warm tones and almost-haunting, echoing vocals. From the sincerity of “Intuition” to the playfulness of the electro pulses in “Wait”, the EP’s lead single. “Where Love Abounds” is romantic and warm; amidst a mix of hip-hop rhythms.

Lyrically she is honest – no hidden meanings or metaphors to decipher. This songwriter is honing her craft and producing intriguing indie/pop with an electronic overlay. Those looking for something just outside the norm of these genres will really enjoy Foxtrott and her cool-girl experimental styles.

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