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This past week we sat down and chatted with classically trained and uniquely versatile producer, Anomalie, who will soon be playing TD Toronto Jazz Fest on Friday, June 22nd and Tuesday, June 26th.  If you haven’t listened to Anomalie before, you should go do that right now because he mixes together nearly every genre you can think of into one blend of distinctive and outstanding Future Funk. Check out his live video of “Crescent” below and find out more about him in advance of his performances in Toronto!

Can you introduce yourself to our readers?

I produce and perform as Anomalie. I’m a keyboardist and producer from Montreal, Canada, and I make a hybrid style of music that mixes electronic, hip-hop, and jazz music.

I love your sound and I think it’s really unique. I know that you’re classically trained, and I was wondering if that influences your music at all.

Yes, it definitely does since it was a major point of my musical education, and I still listen to a few select classical composers for specific orchestration techniques or voicing, so yes it definitely changes a lot.

If you had to tell our readers to listen to one of your songs, which one would it be and why?

I would tell pretty much everyone to listen to “Velours”, which has been my most popular song to date. I think that the way it’s structured and the elements that I used in it is pretty representative of my whole approach to creating where there’s a heavy groove aspect; there’s a lot going on, whether it’s in terms of harmony or sounds, but it’s still pretty catchy. It’s been interesting to see people from different backgrounds, whether you’re a musician or not, react in a positive way to it. So, I think it’s a good example of what I was aiming for.

Where do you get your main sources of inspiration for your music?

I try to get different inspirations from different genres of music and keep it as varied as possible. So for everything that’s not so hip-hop and groove oriented, I’m a big Michael Jackson fan. Even for classical harmony, I listen to a lot of Brahms. I listen to a lot of jazz stuff too, a lot of punk. Just trying to keep it as varied as possible.

Yeah, definitely. I think you can really hear that in your music as well. I’m sure a lot of people are excited for you to come to Toronto and hear your blended sound. What’s the most exciting part about being a part of TD Toronto Jazz Festival?

To share the stage with KNOWER, who I’ve been following for a couple of years now. We’ve met a few years ago, and I’m a big fan of what they do, so I’m very excited to share the stage with them.

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