Review – Quote The Raven

Album: Golden Hour
Release Date: June 15, 2018
Genre: Folk/Pop

Fan of The Civil Wars? What about Ingrid Michaelson or Mumford and Sons? Then look no further than Newfoundland and Labrador’s folk-pop duo Quote the Raven with their brand-new album, Golden Hour.

Founded in 2013, Quote the Raven have cemented themselves in the Canadian music scene as astounding harmonizers and phenomenal lyricists. Sampling talent such as Chris Kirby, Rob Wells, and Sarah Slean, the duo’s 10-track release is an atmospheric delight that will appeal to both veteran fans of folk and casual listeners alike.

Melodic, tranquil, vocally impressive, the tracks rotate between lullaby-esque crooners and mournful appeals that will bewitch you with their enchanting string ensembles and romantic ambience. If you’re looking for rainy day music, auditory inspiration, or a lulling track to add to your next playlist, look no further— Golden Hour is nothing short of exquisite.

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