Review – Drew Gregory

Album: Good Place To Start
Release Date: June 15, 2018
Genre: Country

If you’re looking for a good, down-home, hard-working, country boy, look no further. Alberta’s own Drew Gregory is who you’ve been looking for and his new album Good Place to Start is yours ripe for the picking. There are 7 unique tracks that cover everything from working hard, hitting the bar, loving life, and loving a girl.

Each song brings a unique perspective that a lot of people can relate to on multiple levels. You can definitely tell that growing up in the small town of Standard, Alberta has had a great influence in all of his song choices. Living an authentic country life, right down to being out in the fields, Gregory lives a double life as a farmer and a country singer. It’s a different way to go about creating experiences that turn into songs, which turn into stories that people love to listen to.

He’s got a gritty, realness about him and his songs. A mix between Tim Hicks and Paul Brandt, he’s got a great sound that is definitely his own. Combine that with his songwriting skills and some great music behind him, he has the potential to hit a wider audience.

Of all songs to choose from, I quite enjoyed “Smoking”, “Better in a Bar”, and “If We Do This”. Each had a different reason, but in the end, they spoke to me on different levels. I enjoyed the guitar in “If We Do This,” while I really liked the lyrics in “Smoking,” and “Better in a Bar” had a real aspect that a lot of people could relate to.

So if you’re looking for some fresh new music, with a little twang, and a lot country, make sure you take a listen to Drew Gregory and his newest album!

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