IN PHOTOS – NXNE – Eyeda Sophia and Max Holio at Jasmyn Burke’s Curated showcase

With the unique, unconventional sound that Jasmyn Burke helps create with Weaves, how could you expect anything less than an incredible curated set at NXNE?

From the moment they stepped on the stage with their rad outfits and glitter-speckled faces, brother and sister, Eyeda Sophia and Max Holio entranced the entire audience at The Baby G this past Monday with their complimentary performances. Eyeda Sophia is a truly authentic female rapper, with an amazing flow and a captivating stage performance. The fact that she’s also a spoken word poet translates to her music, as her lyricism is intelligent and well thought out. Her brother, Max Holio, echoes her perfectly with his smooth vocals and powerful wordplay. These two very different styles were intertwined together perfectly on stage for a beautifully dynamic show that ended with the help of some beatboxing from a close friend.

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