Softball Game a Hit for CMAOntario

Friday night, June 1st, to launch the Country Music Association of Ontario Conference and Awards weekend, a charity softball game, in support of Unison Benevolent Fund, Kidsport London and the CMAOntario, was held at Labatt Memorial Park.

Two teams were formed, Red and Blue, comprising of many CMAOntario artists. The friendly competition saw the Blue team gain a significant lead. Part way through, a trade was made swapping Cold Creek Country and River Town Saints. A good move that lead the Red team to win the game.

Aaron Pritchett starts the game singing the National Anthem.

Jason Blaine up to bat.

Jenna Walker (The Reklaws) just about to make contact with the ball.

Meghan Patrick sliding into first. Can we say she did it with “Grace & Grit”?

Run Labelle, run! Chris Labelle (River Town Saints)

We’re not exactly sure what Jason McCoy is doing here. Maybe some pre-at-bat warm up ritual?

Leah Daniels safe at first and a little double high five with Steve Kassay (Durham Radio) to celebrate.

Andrew Hyatt rounding third for home!

Brad James wants you!

Genevieve Fisher running to first!

Aidan Johnson-Bujold and Mike Ure (Buck Twenty)

Cheering as the last few runs come in on a home run to end the game!

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