Review – Francois Klark

Album: LOVE
Release Date: May 25, 2018
Genre: Pop

Pop has never been more on trend, and Francois Klark’s debut album, LOVE, takes what makes the genre great and packs it with meaning and personalization. Through his intricate South African heritage, Klark transforms intimate traditional tribal rituals into universal confessionals that will tug at your every heartstring.

Bouncing between up-tempo, elastic “ear candy” and acoustic ballads, LOVE features a myriad of talent including South African Katlego Maboe and Marla Walters. Opening track “For You”—which features both artists— is a torrential, cinematic drawing-back of the proverbial curtain, full of rich vocals and intricately-wrought instrumentals.

With the diversity of delicate acoustic “Always”, the vocal layering of “Please Stay”, and the breathless joyride that is “Spaceman,”, LOVE is a debut that showcases Klark’s diversity and talent to their fullest, all the while maintaining its unique and wholly original sounds.

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