Review – Copper Crown

Album: Walk With Fire
Release Date: June 2, 2018
Genre: Alternative Rock

Toronto-based powerhouse 5-piece ensemble, Copper Crown, has released their debut full-length album—and it’s a knockout. Drawing inspiration from individual backgrounds in soul, punk, rock, ska, and metal, Walk With Fire is redefining the “alternative rock” genre.

A blend of hard rock breakdowns, dance-y ska-flavoured tunes, and 50’s style crooners, Walk With Fire is composed of 11 tracks, each with their own definitive hook and unique style. Opening track, “This Is Home”, is a cyclone of unexpected trumpets, hard rock interludes, and sultry lead vocals; mid-track “Back In Your Arms” takes you by the arms and demands you to move with its infectious beat and swing roots; and late-album “When You Stay” is a slower, jazzier drumbeat, all polish and slow rise to the chorus.

Each song entraps you in its own original and charismatic way. Not a fan of alternative rock? Then this is the alternative rock for you— Walk With Fire does the unbelievable and somehow entices both long-term fans of the genre and hesitant newcomers with its old school vibe and jaw-dropping lead vocals.

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