An Introduction to Calgary Stampede’s Midway Food for 2018

Those of you that are familiar with the Calgary Stampede, know that it isn’t just carnival rides to make your stomach turn or music for your dancing shoes, and rodeo to keep you on the edge of your seat- for some, it’s about the food! The Calgary stampede works hard every year to bring you the most unique and even outrageous dishes either created specifically for Stampede goers or to give you a taste of the world all in one place. Foodies from all over highly anticipate the announcement of the upcoming midway food list, and for 2018 they aren’t disappointed.

The dishes you can experience on the grounds this year are anything but boring, and as usual, there are things listed that will have you wondering if people eat these things on purpose, or if they were just put there as a means of a pretty gnarly game of dare to play with your friends. Either way, here is an example of what you can expect in 2018.

Smoking Charcoal Ice Cream in a Cup: 

Coconut flavoured soft-serve made from coconut husks, infused with activated charcoal. I thought the trend was charcoal for beauty products, maybe this ice cream will make everyone beautiful outside and in?

Cricket Caramel Apple:

Exactly what you would expect with a title like that. Oven roasted and honey flavoured crickets on a perfectly good caramel apple.

Cricket Grilled Cheese:

Because we apparently have an abundance of crickets we are trying to make use of? No explanation needed, for me, it’s a nope, not even cheese can add this to my list of must tries.

Giant Squid on a Stick:

I’m all for calamari, but this is next level!  This squid is soaked for hours in a seasoning bath and served with your choice of salt and pepper or curry pepper seasoning.

Prairie Oyster Balls:

Okay, this is where things get weird. Mini doughnut balls topped with the balls of a bull…..literally! Then drizzled with blueberry compote and whipped cream, because why not! And topped with nuts. Oh, the irony. This is one of those, I want to watch someone else eat this item.

Kangaroo Pizza/Stuffed Burger:

Have you ever wanted to try Kangaroo meat? Well, Stampede 2018 has you covered. The pizza is topped with cured kangaroo sausage, and the burger (that was created just for stampede) is a burger stuffed with kangaroo meat and topped with your choice of burger fixings.

Red Velvet Corndog:

For one stampede only, they have brought a unique twist to the traditional midway classic! Coated with red velvet batter and then, of course, deep fried, this dish will surely satisfy your taste buds.

If there is anything we know about Stampede, it’s that they love deep fried, wrapped in bacon, and anything on a stick! Here are a few other things you can find on this year’s midway.

– Deep fried bacon wrapped Reese’s cups
– Deep fried banana peppers
– Deep fried pineapple rings
– Pop Rocks Mini doughnuts
– Big Pickle Tornado
– Hangover Mac & Cheese
– Kit Kat fries

And of course, what’s Stampede without a two-foot mini doughnut tower!

Can’t wait to hear your midway foodie stories! See you this July!

For a full list of midway items, or anything Calgary Stampede check out their website.

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