IN PHOTOS – Jesse and The Dandelions, Skye Wallace, Baby Drayton in Toronto, ON

Who: Jesse and The Dandelions, Skye Wallace, Baby Drayton
When: May 13, 2018
Where: The Dakota Tavern, Toronto, ON

With Jesse and the Dandelions’ production values maturing alongside the content, their upcoming album Give Up The Gold (2018) is enriched with classic synth and guitar textures that pays respect to the past, while forging their own path forward. String sections, a cacophonous blend of noise, and heavily layered vocal harmonies push accessible pop hooks into more psychedelically complex and intriguing harmonic territory that rewards repeat listeners by continuing to engage them.

Skye Wallace is what happens when a classically trained singer with east coast roots discovers punk rock in their youth. Hailed coast to coast as a “national treasure” (Sad Mag), Skye Wallace is based out of Toronto, Ontario.

Opening the evening was Baby Drayton.

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