EP: Control Freak
Release Date: June 1, 2018
Genre: Alternative

Looking for your new favourite summer playlist? Look no further! Toronto’s powerhouse alternative group MONOWHALES are dropping jaws with their relentlessly catchy new EP, Control Freak.

Renowned as one of Toronto’s most refreshing and energetic live bands, MONOWHALES takes no prisoners by blending the genres of pop, alternative, rock, and punk to crank out hit after hit. Borrowing from the feisty vibes of the early 2000s music scene and interweaving it with inspiration from The Stooges and Mother Mother, Control Freak has cemented MONOWHALES as a group whose sound is both outrageously fun and well-crafted.

Track “Take It Back”—which doubled as the EP’s first single— earned the group their first commercial airplay and peaked at #25 on the Canadian Alternative Rock Radio Charts. And it’s no wonder— with its infectious drumbeats, stellar lead vocals, and astonishing amounts of personality, can you resist tapping your foot along to it? Give it a listen below and try!

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