Review – Doris Folkens

EP: Doris Folkens
Genre: Folk
Release Date: June 1, 2018

Independent folk artist Doris Folkens has just released her debut self-titled EP. The seven-track EP was produced by five-time Juno nominee and seven-time Canadian Folk Music Award winner, Andrew Collins. Doris Folkens has made the perfect debut into the Canadian folk scene.

The EP opens with a track called “Uncle Jimmy”, right away you can tell Folkens is not just a lyricist but also a great storyteller. Her stories are full of old-time simplicity. As you move through the EP you come across songs like “Across the Sea” where Doris sings about leaving home for love and to start a new life. Then you hit the darker “Dig a Hole” which details saving cherished belongings from bombings. Another track on the EP that tugs at the heartstrings is called “Lemon Drops in the Lake”. The track tells the story of a father that went out to get a few things for the family, on a horse and wagon. One of the things he was meant to bring home were lemon drop candies for his child, but he never came home, and the child spends their life wondering if “there’s lemon drops in the lake”.

Doris Folkens has released the perfect addition to any folk music fans playlist. If you like listening to stories, stories with heart and realism, this EP will become a favourite.

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