Review – The Sturgeons

Album: Black and White
Release Date: May 30, 2018
Genre: Roots

Roots duo The Sturgeons have upped their music game by recording, producing, and mixing their third album, Black and White. The 9-track Ameri-Canadiana collection pays homage to their previous successes of countrywide tours, radio airplay, and sharing bills with some of Canada’s best. With the May 30th release date rapidly approaching, it was high time to look at what exactly makes The Sturgeons so critically acclaimed.

An earthy, toe-tapping assortment of old-school vibes, anthem choruses, and flawless harmonies, Black and White is a knockout right out the gate. Opening track “Let It Shine” is a harmonica-ridden, jaunty joyride that embodies what makes The Sturgeons so well-loved. Atmospheric and homey, each track embodies the feeling of a prairie summer. The reflective lyrics—best featured in the late-album track “Make The Move”— combined with the duo’s signature grit makes for an instant summer favourite.

With Black and White’s launch being held at Winnipeg’s Park Theatre, this newest release from The Sturgeons is an absolute must-listen for any Roots fan.

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