Countdown to the CMAOntario Festival & Awards – Q & A with The Reklaws

Photo supplied by The Reklaws

The Country Music Association of Ontario (CMAOntario) Festival & Awards are fast approaching and we have had the opportunity to catch up with some of Ontario’s best country music artists in advance of the festivities.  Today we are pleased to introduce you to brother-sister duo, The Reklaws!

How important is it to you that Ontario have its very own country music awards show?

We think it is so important! The amount of talent that we have in this province is something that should not go without recognition. Which is why we are so grateful for the CMAOntario Awards and really feel honored to be apart of it! We actually used to go as fans, before we were even ever nominated… thats how much we cared about what was coming out of our home province! 

The CMAOntario Awards are possible because of the generous assistance of Slaight Music.  Have you been directly supported by any of their initiatives?

We have never worked directly with them, but they have done amazing things for the Canadian music scene. Their belief and support that they show to this awards show has allowed us a platform and chance to be nominated and recognized. 

The 2018 Fresh Faces Showcase & Concert will take place on Saturday, June 2 in Market Square (London, ON) as part of the weekend’s festivities.  It will feature performances from Meghan Patrick, The Reklaws, Brad Battle, Johnson Crook, The Redhill Valleys, Joshua Davie and Kelsi Mayne.  We have so many amazing up and coming country artists in Ontario.  Who is someone else you think is someone that country music fans should be checking out?  Give them a shout out!       

We are so excited to get the opportunity to play for fans and to play along side our artist friends! We would love to tell people about our good friend and label mate Jade Eagleson! This kid is going to shock everyone this year with how great he is. His voice is like something from the past and his newest release “Got Your Name on It” is already our summer jam! Check him out!  

If you were asked to give a rising country artist some advice, what would it be?

If we were to give advice to a rising country star, we would make sure to tell that them that they should always take time to enjoy where they are! We understand that where you may see yourself is not always where you are, and sometimes that makes it hard to enjoy the ride! So make sure you enjoy the ride, the small venues, the first fans, the first time you hear your song played on the radio… everything, remember it and enjoy it. 

What accomplishment over the past year are you most proud of?

We are most proud of the releases of “Hometown Kids” and our newest single “Long Live the Night” we have felt a shift in our careers and our goals! Doors have been opened, and we are so blessed. Universal Music Canada, Canadian Radio, our fans, are the reason we feel so great about these accomplishments! 

What is your opinion on the value of social media to help you succeed as an artist in today’s society?  Do you have a favourite social media platform?   

It is quite obvious how much social media has become a driving factor in the music industry! It really runs our everyday life, and we are actually thankful for it! Our favorite platform of social media is of course Instagram, the idea of keeping up with our fans and friends through pictures is amazing! We love getting tagged in videos or pictures of them listening to our songs. Social Media, has allowed us to connect on levels that would otherwise be impossible! 

Is there anything you would like to say to your fans?

We want to say that we are thankful that they have taken time out of their lives to give us and our music a chance! We are completely humbled and in love with the fact that you guys sing our songs, and care to come and see us! We cannot wait to see you and meet you as we get out and play more! Also… come an say hi, we wanna be friends! 

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