Alexa Ferr releases new track, “If You Only Knew”

Originally from Toronto, ON, but now residing in Los Angeles, Alexa Ferr has been keeping busy with a number of producers to help craft her sound and image as an artist. Recently she has teamed up with Th3ory of The Penhouse for her new track “If You Only Knew” which was released on Friday, April 20, 2018.

Of the single, Alexa says:

“If You Only Knew”  is about being in a relationship with someone, and constantly be contacted by other individuals. However, you don’t entertain them because you’re loyal to the one your with. You are faithful to that one person, although they may be playing games behind your back. Essentially, “If You Only Knew” is about feeling secure in a relationship, and to not be taken advantage of by the one person you love and want to be with.”

Connect with Alexa Ferr:

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