10 Must-See bands to check out at 2018 Calgary Stampede

Calgary Stampede is back this July 6th to 15th. The Stampede welcomes people from all over and brings you rides, food, and tons of amazing artists spanning local, national and international names.

The Stampede tends to have 2 stages to check out acts with your admission. The Coca-Cola stage which welcomes rock and alternative acts and Nashville North which welcomes more Country based bands.

With so many artists to check out. Here is my Top 10.

Starting off with Nashville North.

James Barker Band is kicking off the spot at #5. As one of the younger groups on the list, the band initially formed in 2015 in Ontario and released their debut EP in 2017. Though still fresh on the scene, the band has already received two Juno Award nominations.

#4 on the list is Leaving Thomas, based out of Calgary. This pop-country duo had released their debut single “Waiting Kind of Girl” in December 2016. The duo has continuously built momentum and don’t seem to stop cranking out the tunes. With influences from pop, soul, R&B, and country there seems to be something for everyone with their unique sound.

The Washboard Union comes in at #3. The band released their debut album in 2012, with three singles on the Billboard Canada Country Chart. This band is bound the bring an energetic show to the Calgary Stampede.

Closing in at #2 are The Dungarees hailing from Edmonton. The band is one of Canada’s fastest rising stars, which is no surprise with the energy packed shows they bring. Mixing classic country guitar with pop harmony and modern intensity the band never seems to stop rocking.

I’ve personally never been a huge country fan but at the same time wouldn’t avoid it. So for my #1 pick, I have The Road Hammers. With their most current release in April, Big Truckin Hits Vol 1. The band was founded in 2004, with the debut album the band was swept to the upper end of the Country charts with four songs reaching top 10 in 2005-2006. So get your cowboy boots and hats on and get ready for a rowdy good time.

Up next is the countdown for the Coca-Cola Stage.

This stage brings in tons of artists and tends to be the hype of the festival bringing in packed crowds every night. Kicking off the list is The Rural Alberta Advantage. This indie-rock band formed in 2005, and what’s more Canadian than having an open stage night? Not having people show up to the venue, so the venue becomes a Tim Hortons?. Releasing their first album, Hometowns in 2008, the band had continuously toured the country to build a name for themselves. Their most recent album The Wild was released in October 2017.

Walk off the Earth comes in at #4. This band had gained hyped with their cover of “Somebody I Use to Know” where the band had all played the entire song on one guitar. In August 2017, the band’s single “Fire in My Soul” was certified gold. If you want something more pop-based but still have an energetic prescience. This band is definitely one to check out.

The #3 spot goes to Funk Hunters. Though the Coca-Cola stage tends to have more rock-based acts. It felt important to expand the genres and welcome an electronic duo. Hailing from Vancouver, the band mixes soul, disco, funk, and classic hip-hop in their styles. Known worldwide for their amazing dance parties and visual effects which are operated simultaneously from four turntables and two mixers. So get your shoes on and kick up some dust and rock out to Funk Hunters.

Our Lady Peace closing in for the #2 spot. This band is a national treasure, appearing at numerous festivals over their careers, the band formed in 1992. Their recent album Somethingness released in February. Though the current album is the band’s shortest (33min), with such a large discography to pick from the band tends to always bring a solid show.

The first place was originally a tie between Alexisonfire and Billy Talent, as both bands have influenced the music industry and various artists. Though for the list we brought it down to Alexisonfire. They had disbanded briefly in 2012, but due to their die-hard fans, they announced in 2015 that they had reformed because of the love and support of the fans. With brief appearances at X-Fest and Sonic Boom, this band will be one rowdy good time as my newsfeed is nothing but talks about how many people are excited to see them again.

Well, there is my list of the must-see acts at Stampede 2018. For more information, as well as the full lineup and schedule for the coke stage and everything else Stampede, check out their website.

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