SiriusXM’s Top of the Country Finalist Interview – The Redhill Valleys

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On May 17, voting opened for SiriusXM’s Top of the Country music competition. There are nine amazing semi-finalists vying to be Canada’s next big star and win the grand prize of $25,000. Here at Canadian Beats, we wanted to introduce you to the finalists, show you their studio session video, and then we urge you go vote for your favourite in each market, once per day!

So far, we’ve spoken with Chris Ryan and Jason Benoit, and the fun continues today. We chat with Hamilton ON’s The Redhill Valleys. Check out their video below for “Either Or” and find out more about the band. Go vote for The Redhill Valleys HERE. Remember, you can vote once per day for each market until June 6!

First off, care to introduce yourself to our readers?

We are The Redhill Valleys from Hamilton Ontario. We have been together for a few years and in that time we have been fortunate to do some pretty exciting things. Initially, we were a three-piece band consisting of Chelsea McWilliams (Bass) Danielle Beaudin (Rhythm Guitar) and Tim Allard (Lead Guitar) with all of us sharing vocals. It wasn’t until last year that we met our drummer, Matt Soliveri. Making the move to a four-piece band was a crucial step in cementing our sound both live and in the studio, and in finding our identity as a band.

You are in the semi-finals for SiriusXM’s Top of the Country music competition, how does it feel to be vying for the top spot?

It’s extremely exciting for us to be a part of this competition – we were not expecting this at all. The whole experience so far has been great and the team at SiriusXM have been very kind and accommodating to us. It’s fun to have some friendly competition while still getting great exposure all over Canada.

The competition features some incredible Canadian talent, what were your first thoughts when you found out you were one of the nine semi-finalists?

When we heard the news that we were one of the nine finalists, we were floored, to say the least. Looking at all of the other finalists, you can see that there is so much amazing talent here in Canada and to be chosen is just so humbling.

The winner will win the grand prize of $25,000, what would your first plan be for the winnings?

Winning the grand prize of $25,000 would allow us to do a lot. But the first thing we would use it for is the recording/production of our next album.

What are you currently up to in your career? Do you have any new releases or tours on the rise?

Currently, we are gearing up for a busy summer! We’re excited to be playing a bunch of shows and festivals all over Ontario. One of the biggest highlights will be returning to the Boots and Hearts festival on August 10th. Last year, we were a part of the emerging artist showcase where we came in 2nd place, so we’re happy to be back playing there again. You can always keep up to date by checking our website at or by following us on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages!

If you were to speak with a newcomer, what advice would you give them about making it in the music industry?>

Stay true to yourself, keep at it and try to write and play as much as possible. These are the kinds of things we try to apply to our band as much as possible. There will always be ups and downs but it’s important to remain focused and driven. Take every opportunity, no matter how big or small, and give it your best. We still haven’t “made it” but we look at every new opportunity as a stepping stone that will allow us to get where we’re trying to go.

Last but not least, is there anything you’d like to say to your fans who are voting for you daily?

THANK YOU! We appreciate it so much! We know our constant posts and reminders are probably getting annoying, but it really does mean a lot to us. Hopefully, we can bring the prize home and make everyone proud!

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