Review – Josh Richardson

Album: Ataraxia
Release Date: May 11, 2018
Genre: Electronic

Josh Richardson is cementing himself as a breath of fresh air in the music scene with his latest release, Ataraxia. A 4-track ambient album orbiting around the ancient Greek concept of a state ‘free from worry and anxiety’, Ataraxia showcases the process of real-time layering loops by altering their duration, phasing, and frequencies.

For the casual listener that sounds niche and daunting, but Richardson’s ambient electric guitar and piano style is sure to entrance even those unfamiliar with the genre. Meditative, soothing, and endlessly immersive, Ataraxia is a half-remembered dream poured into music. The track “Ataraxia: Four” in particular—whose official video is linked below—embodies that completely: it’s the feeling of coming home, of wading through a cool stream, of staring shapes into clouds on a summer day. And above all, it’s absolutely something that needs to be experienced for yourself.

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