Introducing Google Home Max

When Google Canada invites you to a party, you know it is going to be an exciting experience. During Canadian Music Week, in Toronto, several media outlets were invited to attend a special demonstration of the newest member of the #madebygoogle family, Google Home Max.

Admittedly, I am a little behind the times on this type of technology, however, I do find the concept of them fascinating; a definite wave of the future. This hands-on demonstration was fun and informative plus, I had the chance to chat with Raunaq Shah, Google Senior Product Manager, for some extra insight into this new product.

Here are 10 Things Google Canada wants you to know about Google Home Max

1. Built for sound, inside and out.
With Google Home Max, we obsessed over every component to make sure you get pure, crisp sound. Its two 4.5-inch woofers each have 22mm of excursion, an extremely high range for their size, delivering deep, powerful bass. The high-performance woofers ensure that the bass sounds clean, even at high volumes. And Max can play it loud… really loud. It’s 20 times more powerful than Google Home, so it will fill any room in your home with amazing audio.

2. Say hello to Smart Sound
Google Home Max is our first speaker with Smart Sound, a new audio experience powered by Google’s AI. It’s what allows Max to adapt to your home environment.

Once you’ve set up Max, it will automatically tune itself based on where you’ve placed it in the room. Without lifting a finger, your music will sound just as it was intended when it left the production studio. And all of this is done dynamically, so if you decide to move Max to the other side of the room, it will adapt within seconds.

3. Your music, your way
Google Home Max is ready to play your favourite music; however you like. Use your voice to control popular music services like Google Play Music and TuneIn. Plus, Max even supports voice control for both Spotify Free and Premium subscribers. Through casting, you’ll have access to hundreds of compatible apps to stream in high-quality over Wi-Fi from your phone, tablet or laptop. And you can listen to songs right over Bluetooth®, or plug in your record player using an analog stereo cable and breathe life into your vinyl collection.

4. Your personal DJ, 24/7
With the Google Assistant built in, Google Home Max is always ready to start your favourite song, pause, or turn it up, all with just your voice. Your Assistant is even intelligent enough to find those hard to remember songs with a line of the lyrics or just a few small details you might remember. Just ask, “Hey Google, play that song that goes, ‘Rebel just for kicks.’”

5. Designed for your home
Google Home Max was designed to be incredibly versatile and fit naturally in your home. You can stand it up vertically or place it horizontally to fit in your space. Its special base pops into place, so when you change Max’s orientation, there aren’t any rubber feet where there doesn’t need to be. It was made with beautiful yet durable fabric, developed from scratch to be acoustically transparent and fit any home design.

6. Say “Hey Google,” even while you’re rocking out
We made sure your Google Assistant can hear you even when the speaker is blasting. Thanks to our machine learning algorithms trained to separate your voice from background noise and the placement of the far-field microphones, your Assistant can still hear “Hey Google, next song” even if you’re across the room.

7. Expand your sound with stereo pairing and multi-room
Max works seamlessly with Google Home, Google Home Mini, and hundreds of Chromecast built-in speakers. Just create a speaker group in the Google Home app, and you can play the same song in sync on all the compatible speakers in your home. And you can stereo pair another Max for a wider soundstage. You’ll get even more immersive left and right channel separation, for a truly amazing home audio experience.

With automatic updates, Max is always getting better – adding new Smart Sound features over time to deliver incredible sound experiences.

8. Voice Match, for truly personal playlists
The Google Assistant recognizes your voice, and up to five others in your home, so that you can all get access to your music services and personal playlists. Just set up Voice Match, and when you ask the Assistant to play your workout playlist, you get your favourite songs, not your partner’s.

9. Just as helpful
Just like Google Home and Google Home Mini, Max gives you hands-free help from your Google Assistant. Ask it questions, tell it to do things and even have it help control compatible smart home devices. And your own personal assistant has gotten better – it can help you find your phone, set reminders, broadcast voice messages to other Google Home devices and much more.

10. Now available in Canada.
Google Home Max is available to Canadians starting May 16th on The Google Store and at Best Buy Canada. Comes in 2 colours: Chalk and Charcoal.

Check out more features and commands at

Note: Requires Internet connection and nearby electrical socket.
Music and video content may require a subscription.
Controlling certain devices and features in your home requires a compatible smart device.

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