Review – Dante Matas

LP: A Colourful Headache
Release Date: May 4, 2018
Genre: Folk/Indie

Toronto-born Dante Matas has been working since his childhood to perfect his own unique blend of pop and folk, and his efforts have cultivated in his latest LP—A Colourful Headache. A summer 8-track joyride, A Colourful Headache features radio-worthy synth, wholesome folk, dashes of Bowie-esque piano, and summery pop. The result? An LP that not only has something for anyone, but for everyone.

Title track “A Colourful Headache” is a feel good, vocal-heavy jaunt not unreminiscent of The Kooks. With an emphasis on poetic lyricism set against an array of cheerful instrumentals, “A Colourful Headache” sets itself—and the remainder of the LP—up as the perfect immersive experience for your summer.

Tracks “A Heartfelt Hurricane”, “Everything Nearly Fell Apart Completely”, and “A Hidden Smile” further cement the LP as diverse and thoroughly entertaining. Whether you’re stuck at the office, soaking up the sun on the beach, or looking for your next road trip track, A Colourful Headache will never fail to impress.

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