10 Highlights from 2018 ECMAs Red Carpet

Thursday night, the who’s who of the East Coast music scene passed through the ECMAs Red Carpet. Let’s take a look at some of the highlights:

1) Dressed in his suit, tie and trademark specs, Halifax based David Myles graced the red carpet with a big smile!

2) Kayo oozing sophistication and charm, as well as rocking his shades.

3) Nova Scotia’s own country sweetheart, Makayla Lynn lit up the red carpet with her smile, and wow, what a gorgeous dress!

4) Newfoundland’s Jason Benoit dressed sharply, representing Newfoundland country music!

5) The Halifax-based electronic duo, Pineo & Loeb are eye-catching with the flowery shirt, and shiny white coat! A vision from the 90s.

6) Port Cities own Breagh Mackinnon brought a little glamour to the red carpet with her shiny, eye-catching jacket! Along with both Carleton Stone and Dylan Guthro looking handsome, as usual.

7) Veev stepped on the red carpet rockin’ a beard and a Nervous Records hat! Nothing better than representing your label!

8) The genre-bending duo, Tomato Tomato are always on point with their fashion choices, and the red carpet was no exception! John has it right! A jean jacket and cowboy hat for the win, and what a beautiful pattern on Lisa’s outfit!

9) KINLEY (Kinley Dowling) looking fierce and ready for multiple wins (Rising Star of the Year & Fans’ Choice Video of the Year). Those earrings are really stellar, way to pull the outfit together!

10) Canadian rock legends, Sloan are no strangers to the red carpet, doing it like pros. No surprise there!

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