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There may be a few names that come to mind when you think of Canadian punk rockers, but SLOW is one band to put right on top. Making noise both musically and controversy-wise back in the 80’s (Google their iconic Expo ’86 performance), their influence has continued to shine over the past three decades and now they’re back to continue that for years to come.

Your story is unlike any I’ve ever covered before! Considering it’s been over 30 years since the release of your “Against The Glass” album, what’s the biggest worry when it comes to releasing something brand new now?

We’ve been recording already with Dave (Rave) Ogilvie and it’s going well. I think the big concern is making sure the record is a real rock and roll album. So we’re playing together in the studio, capturing it live with no digital editing.

You have been called one of the most influential rock bands in Canada as well as credited in the Seattle Grunge scene. Looking back, what do you think made people sit up and listen?

Getting people to listen to anything is mostly about songs.  Also though, slow was always a live act first and that could go kind of either way. I remember a writer from the Globe and Mail was doing a feature and attended 3 separate shows. At the end, he’d still only seen a couple of songs because we kept getting shut down. It was easy to upset people in those days. We always had that confrontational element and it didn’t go over well in the mainstream clubs that were trying to incorporate this crazy new wave music into their programming.

Getting together last August to prepare your catalogue re-release must have been absolutely surreal! Was there a particular moment that you clicked back together and knew this was going to be more than a brief get together?

Hearing the band play together for the first time in 30 years was definitely a great moment.

With a handful of sold-out reunion dates under your belts and more dates on the way, you’ve also added saxophone, keyboards and back-up vocals to the original mix! Besides the additions, what are the biggest differences between performing live now vs. back in the day?
Well, Slow sounds better than ever and for me as a singer, having backup singers is a dream come true. We used to do Have not been the same without the backups and that was a drag. I feel a lot more engaged than I used to so that’s really nice.

What are you most looking forward to in the next 6 months?

Releasing a new record.

Upcoming Tour Dates:
Wed May 9 – Toronto at Phoenix (with The Dirty Nil) Tickets | $20
Thurs May 10 – Hamilton at This Ain’t Hollywood (with Dearly Beloved + Flesh Rag) Tickets | $25
Friday May 11 – London at Call The Office (with Dearly Beloved + Midnight Terrors) Tickets | $20
Sat May 12 – Montreal at Casa Del Popolo (with Dearly Beloved + Public Display)Tickets | $22
Friday June 22 – Calgary at Dickens/Sled Island Music + Arts FestivalTickets $20

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