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Photo Credit: Ronnie Rabena (Hyper Ignition Studios)

Country musician, humble Canadian, family man. No matter the label you put on Cole Malone, they all add up to create one heck of an up-and-coming superstar. His debut full-length album may still be in the works, but that only further encourages listening to his newest single “Next To Me” on repeat until we can get more!

From first note to the last twang on your new single “Next to Me”, it’s very evident you know the perfect country music formula to keep someone listening! Who were the first artists or bands that you felt this way about?

Great question. Well, the very first that I can remember is Garth Brooks. My parents had the Garth World Tour on VHS and I watched that over and over again. There was a moment where he was singing “Standing Outside the Fire” and a ring of fire came up through the grating on the stage completely surrounding him and, as he was singing, he walked right through the fire… Man, it gives me goosebumps just thinking about it. That combination of imagery and sound to create this amazing art was something that hooked me and, to this day, I still use that to write.

It’s just spring now, but you’re already booked for dates closer to summer including Canadian Music Week (May 9th @ Toronto’s The Hideout), the Calgary Stampede and Boots & Hearts (with more to come). What’s your favourite part of performing at big events like these?

There’s a moment when you’re about to take the stage and you feel the energy of the crowd, your heart is racing, and you have this excitement taking over your whole body. It’s like the calm before a storm. That moment right there is my favourite part. I wish there was a way that everyone could feel what it’s like. There really is nothing that can compare.

I also noticed on your Facebook the opportunity for fans to arrange a more intimate show in their homes! Where did this idea come from? What are you most looking forward to when they get booked?

We are so fortunate with the technology that we have a place now, where fans can have access to music anywhere in the world almost instantly. However, with that advancement of technology, I feel like we may be losing some of the personal connection that we have with the music. The songs that I write have a story, have meaning, have a purpose and I want to share that with as many people as possible.  So we thought, why not offer an in-home show anywhere in Canada where you get to hear the stories, listen to great music and share something really special.

You took a break from music in recent years to start a family which is so admirable considering how much passion shows in your music. Did this new path fuel that passion even further when you got back to it?

I started singing when I was two, I started playing guitar at 11 and I have been performing ever since. I have spent almost my entire life being a musician. Marrying my beautiful wife Courtney and having our two sons have had an impact on me that can’t be put into words. With them, I am not a musician, I am a husband and father. That time away from music, focusing on them, really allowed me to grow and mature. I became a better musician, writer, and performer. It definitely reignited that fire, and it also made me a better person. I can honestly say you would not hear the new single “Next to Me” if it wasn’t for my wife.

What’s next for you?

The plan is to release my next single on Radio, so I’m working towards that while continuing to write, perform and gear up for the summer festival season. I encourage everyone to go to to find out more information about what’s coming up. They can find the links to my socials (Facebook, Instagram) on the website as well.

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