Petric has another hit on their hands with the release of “Can’t Say No”

The multi award-winning duo Petric and brothers Jason and Tom, from Transcona, Manitoba, (they have put this area of Winnipeg on the world map) set out to make a name for themselves as one of Canada’s top duo in Canadian country music and with each new hit, they have succeeded in doing just that.

“Can’t Say No,” produced by Scott Cooke, tells a tale of when love is right it can be a very powerful thing. It’s more than flowers, cards or dinners. It’s about wanting to make that person happy and doing whatever it takes  – “you ain’t gotta ask me twice.” The harmonies on this tune are amazing. The lyrics are light but meaningful. It’s a go-to love song.

When asked, Jason Petric says this about “Cant’ Say No,”

“”Can’t Say No” feels like a very powerful song to both Tom and myself. The song is about how powerful love can be when you find that right person. We’re both very lucky to have wonderful girls in our lives, and we know that we can’t say no to anything they want. Me personally, I’ve been dating a girl from Kenora, Ontario, for a little while now, and anytime she asks me to come out, I’m in my car and I’m on my way. We’ve been having a lot of fun with this song, and were pretty excited to get to play it on some really big stages this summer.”

Petric is speaking from their hearts with “Can’t Say No.”

“You say so, I’m ready to go” is how you will feel after listening to this song.

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