Megan Nash releases lyric video for “Salted Salamanders”

Photo Credit: Ali Lauren Creative Services

Saskatchewan’s own Megan Nash released her album, Seeker back in September 2017 via acronym Records. The album consists of twelve songs, including one titled “Salted Salamanders”. Today, we are thrilled to assist Megan in unveiling the lyric video for this specific track. It’s a song that truly gives you a case of “the feels”. Megan sings of memories of her childhood, and life with her grandpa Woodward. With lyrics such as “Without your life, I would have never learned to whistle, without your death, I would have never found to sing”, you will feel the love behind the song, and even begin remembering stories from your own past with your loved ones.

If you’ve never heard Megan Nash, now is your chance to change that. So what are you waiting for? Take a trip through Megan’s childhood with her, and be prepared to tear up, and smile, and stir up those memories of your past.

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