CMW announces first annual Hackathon

Canadian Music Week (CMW) has announced the first annual CMW Hackathon taking place May 8 – 9, 2018 at Brainsights in Toronto.

As part of the Tech and Innovation Summit, the CMW Hackathon shines a spotlight on engineering minds – developers, designers, and makers – competing to create innovative tech solutions to challenges within the Canadian music business.

The CMW Hackathon will give participants 24 hours of work, innovation, and networking. Each team is required to propose answers to specific problems in the industry in order to move the Canadian music industry forward.

Attendees pitch their ideas to the conference before joining the competition using the Muzooka API. Each team will be asked to create a prototype under a time deadline. Competitors will be judged by Jay Rosenzweig, CEO of Rosensweig & Co., Jodi Kovitz, Founder & CEO of #MoveTheDial, Greg Nisbet, CEO of RadioMogul by MEDIAZOIC, David Dufresne, Partner at Panache Ventures, Roger Chabra, CIO of TribalScale and Shawn Wilson, CEO of Muzooka.

“Since Muzooka is already providing all the artist assets for CMW 2018, using their API was a perfect fit for our Hackathon competition,” says David Hazan, Head of International Partnerships at CMW.

May 8 – 9, 2018
Brainsights – 70 Peter Street, Toronto, Ontario
Interested hackers can sign up to participate here:

Connect with CMW:

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