Review – The Alkemist

Album: Lighthouse
Release Date: Available Now
Genre: Psychedelic Folk

One man psychedelic folk band The Alkemist has just released his full-length album entitled Lighthouse. The Northern B.C artist is the epitome of talent, playing an assortment of instruments like the guitar, banjo, and fiddle, all the while keeping rhythm with a kick drum and rattle boot.

The thirteen track album is a mix of hypnotizing instrumentals and calming vocals. The Alkemist writes and performs poetry, not just music. Lighthouse starts out with a relaxing guitar-driven instrumental, instantly taking you to another place. You feel your stresses melting away as you get lost in the music. “Compass” is another track that is very dependent on the acoustic guitar, with some faster riffs. The song beautifully describes the compass as a metaphor for the heart. “You can follow the map in your mind, but don’t you ever leave your compass behind. It’s buried deep in your chest now, beating along with every single breath”

The song “Levi” is a little heavier hitting with stronger vocals that have passion seeping through them and puncturing your eardrums. It’s more of a storytelling track, detailing the story of a mentally unstable man being shot in the back by police in the woods as he was trying to “feel better again”. The story suggests the police knew he was unwell and shot him in the back as if to say he was unnecessarily killed by police. The politically charged song is very different from any other offering on the album, but a great change of pace. Lighthouse closes with a slower track called “The Moment”. The lyrics are uplifting, encouraging you to use love as your lighthouse in your darkest moments. It’s the perfect closer to such a diverse recording.

Lighthouse is a well rounded and beautifully textured listen. You will walk away feeling calm and collected, and feeling like you listened to true artistry.

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