Review – Well Mannered Thieves

Album: everything the same
Release Date: April 21, 2018
Genre: Rock

Well Mannered Thieves are an experimental rock outfit from Calgary, Alberta. The 5 piece has released their newest EP everything the same and I got the chance to review it in all its experimental glory. The EP is only 3 songs long, but has a 45-minute length, making me instantly interested.

“porcelain robot” starts off with a steady drumbeat, interesting slide and pick technique of the guitars, a funky bass line and a mix of male and female vocals. I can already tell that this band is trying something rarely done before as you can tell from the sound. About 3 minutes in, the song changes tempo and style, becoming more of a dark and moody sound. Then, at the 4-minute mark, it all stops and goes into a beautiful, melodic mix of guitar and a triangle, going into the band’s unique vocals again.

“made to think and be thought of” is very experimental in the best way. It has about 3 or 4 big tempo changes, even hitting a heavy metal type feel at one point but not once does it sound bad. It’s so interesting how this band fuses multiple sounds and tempos together to create something of this caliber and still make it super entertaining and enjoyable to listen to.

“while we deconstruct” starts off as a nice slow song, with a simple drum beat, great guitar work, and beautiful vocals but 6 minutes in, it speeds up and gets you moving to the punk type stylings of the song. The true difference in all the songs make this album sound so good, and they certainly accomplish the crazy variety that I can only imagine that the band was going for.

While most people would be turned off from the song lengths or possibly the experimental style, I’m happy I got the opportunity to check this band’s latest offering. I can see myself giving this album another listen as I think I’ll feel different each time and experience a new horizon they were going for each time. I recommend you dive in and give it a listen as well.

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