Pre-Release Review – The Noolands

EP: Us on a Bus
Release Date: April 27, 2018
Genre: Rock

The Noolands are back with their most recent EP Us on a Bus.

Hailing from Barrie, Ontario, The Noolands got together when Aaron Casey (Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Keyboard), Brandon Davenport (Drums, Backing Vocals, Keyboards), James Laxton (Electric Guitar), and Jon Laxton (Bass, Keyboards) started co-writing and playing music together. On the current EP, you can also find Meghan Poole (Saxophone) and Joshua Doerksen (Manager, Percussion, Backing Vocals). They can be described as “a rock & roll band that writes and records music for their best friends.”

This “energetic and charming foursome proves that being an independent artist is all about bringing people together. Their collection of music combines many genres of rock, from alternative to progressive, blues to funk.” Each track included on the EP showcases their creativity and has a little bit of something for everyone.

The EP begins with a keyboard melody introducing us to  ‘Nine to Five’. The addition of a guitar soon follows and becomes the main focus. As the instrumental arrangements continue to layer and intensify, so will the attention of the listener. Casey’s strong, soulful vocals add the finishing touches to the mix, along with the addition of a great saxophone solo. This creative arrangement is sure to be a hit with its groovy modern blues-rock feel.

The second track, ‘Loosey Goosey’, was released as the first single from the album. This funky track will leave you tapping along to the beat. The song leaves the impression that there is a sense of urgency evident through the guitar, yet still keeps a funky groove courtesy of the bass and drum. I especially love how the guitar sound is brought to the forefront of the song with the percussion and vocals taking the backseat. This was definitely a great song to release as a single to showcase what The Noolands have in store for us.

‘Stars’, the last track on the EP, begins with an interesting rhythm from the drums before adding some interesting sounding guitar riffs. The huge sound at the beginning of the track, followed by the winding down in the middle for an instrumental break, and the winding back up again for a big finish leaves the listener never knowing what is going to happen next. They definitely keep us on our toes!

The Noolands will keep you moving. From their funky grooves to creative rock tracks, they are well on their way to success. And I can only imagine how great their live shows are, so if you have a chance definitely take the time to check it out. The Noolands describe it best themselves with the quote “what you see is what you get, great music inspired by real life.”

If you are in the area, The Noolands have their EP release party at The Foxx Lounge in Barrie on May 4th.

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