Annie Sumi releases video for “In Everything”

Photo Credit: Tyler Budd

Folk singer-songwriter, Annie Sumi has released a video for her single, “In Everything” just in time for Earth Day. The single was the lead track on Sumi’s sophomore album, In The Unknown, which was released in October 2017. “Love the Earth, save the Earth” is the underlying message in the video which shares images of earth’s beauty and wonder, as well as encourages us all to respect and care for the water systems, forests and the air we breathe.

“The gifts from the earth are what gives us life and sustains us,” says Sumi “My hope is that we all show the earth the love and deep respect it deserves.”

Weaved into the video’s narrative are cautionary words from two pioneers of the environmental movement, the late U.S. scientist-naturalist Rachel Carson, author of the groundbreaking book Silent Spring, and Canadian icon Dr. David Suzuki, who says the scientific evidence is overwhelming – our planet is under siege.

“David Suzuki’s message has been loud and clear for generations – what we do to our planet we do to ourselves, so let’s take better care of both,” Sumi says. “The reality is, we can’t keep taking, taking, taking from the earth without doing irreparable damage.”

In summary, Annie hopes that everyone soaks in the video’s depiction of the beauty and grace of nature, and use it as inspiration to live their lives in a way that will help ensure clean water, forests and air will be around for future generations.

“Let’s give a big hug to the earth by living our lives in a more sustainable way,” she says.

Tour dates:
April 18 – Winnipeg, MB @ Forth (w/Matt Foster)
April 19 – East Braintree, MB @ South Moon Studio (w/Matt Foster)
April 22 – North Bay, ON @ North Star Diner
May 16 – Guelph, ON @ Royal City Church (w/The Lifers)
May 17 – Syracuse, NY @ Funk ‘n Waffles (w/The Lifers)
May 18 – Burlington, VT @ Radio Bean (w/The Lifers)
May 19 – Farmington, ME @ North Church (w/The Lifers)
May 20 – Saint Andrews, NB @ Paddlefest
May 22 – Halifax, NS @ The Carleton (w/The Lifers, Spencer Burton)
May 24 – Fredericton, NB @ The Living Roots Festival
May 30 – Montreal, QC @ Resonance (w/The Lifers, Perfect Perfect)
June 1 – Ottawa, ON @ Live on Elgin (w/The Lifers, Jessica Pearson)
June 10 – Kitchener, ON @ TWB Brewery

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