Review – The Sorority

Album: Pledge
Release Date: April 13, 2018
Genre: Hip-Hop

The Sorority are the perfect combination of TDot (Toronto) female artists Haviah Mighty, Keysha Freshh, Lex Leosis and Phoenix Pagliacci and they are popping out this year with all new Hip-Hop music for your stereo. The lyrical talent and flow of these ladies is superb, and the album is very well put together, both production and storytelling….. Here are a few tracks that stuck out to me.

“SRTY” is a strong intro to their newest album Pledge. It’s a great introduction to all the artists in the group. Each artist gets a chance to give you their rhyme and reason as to whom they are in this track, it certainly sets the album in motion. Great lyrics and creative writing is on point in this track.

“Wildin” has a California feel to it. I love the bass on this specific track. It’s about how people are always wildin’ out and causing drama with relationships, etc. From online situations to that crazy street drama. I appreciate the hook in this, as it opens up the artists to smoothly drop the lyrics at the right moment.

“On Me” features some awesome production. This track some Trap feel with a Reggae bounce mixed with some sweet R&B mixed in. The wordsmith these ladies use is really dope. Spittin’ fast rhymes and making the message clear is definitely this groups forte.

“West End (Yeah Eh)” certainly has some good bounce to it. A track about the West End in TDot. Dundas West is the focus in this specific track. Shout outs to the West End TDot Fam from The Sorority.

“East End(Dun Kno)” is a Scarborough shout out from The ladies of The Sorority. They got love for the West Side but when they pass on they want that East End burial to happen. From the foods they love to the life. It’s a way for the ladies to show their respect.

“OTW” is a track about already being on the way up and knowing what not to do in the music industry. Giving a clear message about how they will not be swept away into a lost world and how they made a promise to themselves to make it with their passion! They are ready for what’s coming next.

As much as these ladies are working hard on their craft with this great album, they are also going to need the support of all local communities and Canadian hip-hop fans. So be sure to show them some love.

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