Countdown to 2018 ECMAs – Interview with Tomato/Tomato

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ECMA 2018 takes place from May 2-6 in Halifax, NS. With so many talented East Coast artists up for awards, we knew we had to chat with some of them in anticipation of the big event! Every week from now until May 4, we will be chatting with a nominee. First, we spoke with the progressive metal band, Tactus and then Clare, Nova Scotia-born, Jacques Jacobus, Christian rock band, Rekoncyle, St. John’s based Earle and Coffin and then it was time to speak with Halifax based artist, Nicole Ariana.

Now, let’s focus on New Brunswick based duo, Tomato/Tomato. They are nominated for Group Recording of the Year at the 2018 ECMAs for I Go Where You Go.

Have a little fun, and check out their cover for A-Ha’s “Take On Me” below, and find out more about this awesome New Brunswick duo in our interview.

First off, care to introduce yourself to our readers?

Hello! Allow ourselves to introduce ourselves! We are husband and wife power duo, Tomato/Tomato from New Brunswick.

You are nominated for the East Coast Music Awards this year, what was your reaction when you found out you were nominated?

We were super excited and had a little dance party in our kitchen. It’s such an honour to be nominated and recognized for our work.

Is this your first nomination? 

No, this is our fourth in total. However, we are yet to win an award. Our acceptance speech is very well polished at this point hahaha

What are you most looking forward to at 2018 ECMAs in Halifax this May?

Reuniting with our music family! We’ve developed some wonderful relationships while touring and attending these types of events, so it’s always great to catch up with everyone.

Do you have any memorable stories from previous ECMAs? 

Yes. At one event, we watched a dear friend who will remain nameless (Chuck Teed) inhale a large serving of what he thought was whipped cream but was actually…whipped FISH. Lisa literally caught it in her hands as it came back out. She was in full-on mom mode.

Where will you be performing at the 2018 East Coast Music Awards, Festival & Conference?

We are so excited about this – we will be at the Export Buyers, Bluebird North, and Folk stages this year!

If someone has yet to catch you live, what can be expected from your live performance?

Our performances are very high energy – you won’t see anything else like it. There will be lots of insane multitasking, unique songwriting, and soaring vocal harmony. If you have seen us before, get ready for brand new material and a few more surprises!

If you were asked to give an up-and-comer some advice, what would that advice be?

Just be everywhere. Meet everyone. Giv’er.

You are nominated up against many talented East Coast artists, who are you looking forward to checking out in Halifax?

We’re always happy to see our east coast favourites, but what’s really exciting is finding a band we’ve never heard of who blows our socks off.

Speaking of up-and-coming East Coast artists, we are always happy to find new artists to check out. Can you recommend any up-and-comers for us to check out?

Yes! Ladd and Lasses. They’re from our hometown of Saint John and they’re awesome. They are a really unique acoustic trio lead by Hilary Ladd. Everyone should definitely take a moment to check them out.

Now’s your chance to plug your new music, tours or anything else. What do you have going on this year?

We just came back from Nashville where we recorded a brand new album! We’ll be spending the summer touring and working on a fall release. In the meantime, we’ll be posting some live videos of our new material.

Last but not least, is there anything you’d like to say to your fans?

We are so excited to share our new album with you! It goes way beyond anything we’ve ever done before. Thank you for all of your support. Every time you click “like”, hit the “share” button or leave a comment – we see you and are so grateful you’re on this journey with us.

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