Review – Todd Stewart

Album: Everything You Want
Release Date: November 24, 2017
Genre: Singer-Songwriter/Folk

Todd Stewart is a Calgary-based musician embarking on his first solo endeavour. Still a part of the Northern Beauties, Todd took the time to write and record EP Everything You Want, released under his name alone.

The EP features just a handful of musicians: Leon Power, Darren Parris, and Matt Kelly. Together they are a dream team: the drums and guitar lines compliment each other every step of the way, laying down the perfect instrumental for Todd’s voice. The style and instrumentation of the songs bring to mind fellow country artist Jace Everett.

Track three, “Kerry Anne,” is a song written for Todd’s wife. It has a lovely melody, and I especially like the lyric “a ghost came through your heart and said my name.

Other standout tracks include “I Don’t Want To Fight,” which features Erin Kay, and “We Ache Before We Grow” with features Clayton Dell. The appearance of guest vocalists provide a good variety of timbre, and both singers compliment Todd’s voice well.

Overall, the EP is a great first solo project, and we here at Canadian Beats wish him all the best moving forward!

Connect with Todd Stewart via Northern Beauties:

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