Price & Takis release video for new single, “Haunted”

Toronto-based hip-hop/EDM duo, Price & Takis have released two versions of their lead single, “Haunted”, along with the official music video. You can listen to the single HERE.

“‘Haunted’ honestly feels like our debut as a group,” says Takis. “This is our first song with Price on vocals and the first song I wrote lyrics to. This song is us; every word comes from real moments. We wanted to show the world that we’re not just remix DJs – we’re artists. You can put us in a room with a Macbook and a mic and we’ll make a song with a story that’s authentically us. ‘Haunted’ is as honest as we can be.” 

The video for “Haunted” was shot in L.A. and directed by  Ryan Craven, it takes Price & Takis out from behind their DJ turntables and presents them as the artists they truly are, with their own lyrics over original beats.

The duo has also released the “Haunted” (Trap Mix), which you can listen to HERE.

“We wanted to find our own way to bridge the gap between hip-hop and electronic music, so we decided to make two versions of ‘Haunted’,” says Takis. “We haven’t really heard of many artists dropping two versions of one song on release day but honestly, this wasn’t supposed to be a strategy. It just felt right to not make our fans wait a month for the release of the remix.” 

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