Countdown to 2018 ECMAs – Interview with Earle and Coffin

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ECMA 2018 takes place from May 2-6 in Halifax, NS. With so many talented East Coast artists up for awards, we knew we had to chat with some of them in anticipation of the big event! Every week from now until May 4, we will be chatting with a nominee. First, we spoke with the progressive metal band, Tactus and then Clare, Nova Scotia-born, Jacques Jacobus and last week, Christian rock band, Rekoncyle. Today, let’s talk about St. John’s based Earle and Coffin, who are nominated in the Blues Recording of the Year category at the 2018 ECMAs.

First off, care to introduce yourself to our readers?

We are Nick Earle and Joe Coffin, and together we are blues/roots duo, Earle and Coffin.

You are nominated for the East Coast Music Awards this year, what was your reaction when you found out you were nominated?

We were extremely excited and honored to be nominated. It is an amazing feeling to be recognized in any way for your work.

Is this your first nomination?

No, we are grateful to say that this is our second ECMA nomination.

What are you most looking forward to at 2018 ECMAs in Halifax this May?

As always, we are definitely looking forward to seeing all of the other amazing East Coast artists, as well as attending informative and educational workshops. We are also excited to yet again be able to showcase our music to blues lovers and delegates alike.

Do you have any memorable stories from previous ECMAs?

The most memorable story for us, as it must be for many, is the ECMA 2017 FloCase that happened nearly every night at the piano in the lobby. Particularly the night that Matt Anderson joined in to the group for some tunes, being a huge inspiration to us, it was an amazing moment to be able to jam with such an incredible musician.

Will you be performing anywhere that you can tell us about during the 2018 East Coast Music Awards, Festival & Conference?

We will be showcasing on the Blues Stage at the 2018 ECMAs

If someone has yet to catch you live, what can be expected from your live performance?

They can expect a lively and energetic stage presence along with some Soulful vocals and masterful guitar playing. We don’t believe you’ll be bored at our live shows! As well as having great stage chemistry, we love to incorporate the audience as much as possible.

You are nominated up against many talented East Coast artists, who are you looking forward to checking out in Halifax?

Although we don’t have anybody specifically scoped out, we are excited to check out the other artists nominated in our category and at our showcase, but also our friends from home and friends from previous years.

If you were asked to give an up-and-comer some advice, what would that advice be?

If there is any advice we could give to an up-and-comer, it would be to hone in on your craft, and never lose the love for what you’re doing. We also highly suggest to keep going to these kinds of conferences whether you are showcasing, nominated or neither. Just being in the community and attending workshops will be more beneficial to your career than you would ever imagine.

Speaking of up-and-coming East Coast artists, we are always happy to find new artists to check out, can you recommend any up-and-comers for us to check out?

An amazing East Coast artist that’s been working her way up in the scene is our good friend Rachel Cousins. Her first release “This Fire” Is an amazing EP. Definitely keep your eyes and ears open for her!

Now’s your chance to plug your new music, tours or anything else, what do you have going on this year?

We currently have two full-length albums out (“Live at the Citadel House” and “Wood, Wire, Blood and Bone”) with a third one in the works! We also have released a six-song acoustic EP titled “A Day In July” (Our most recent work). All can be found online! (We will have physical copies at the conference) As for gigs, this summer is definitely looking to be pretty busy, with festivals such as the Mariposa Folk Festival in Ontario. Keep your eyes and ears open for our full tour schedule to be released over the next few months, and also, our third full length album releasing this year!

Last but not least, is there anything you’d like to say to your fans?

To our fans, we just want to say thank you so much for all of your love and support, without you we definitely wouldn’t be where we are right now, and we hope you continue to enjoy our music. We sure enjoy making it. Much love.

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