Review – Lynn Moffatt

EP: Lynn Moffatt
Release Date: March 24, 2018
Genre: Country

Country artist Lynn Moffatt has just released her debut self-titled EP. The seven-track listing is full of original music that showcases Lynn’s raw and raspy vocals and unique take on country music. Recorded in Toronto, the EP explores issues of chaos, isolation, comfort, and passion.

The first track on the album is entitled “Again”, it starts out with more of a rock & roll sound with catchy and fast vocals that prove this is no run of the mill female country artist release. Immediately, you can see that Lynn has no issue with pushing the boundaries and sounding much different from what you hear on current country radio. On the other hand, the next track “Check it Out” has more of a traditional feel, and you hear the influences of country greats like Patsy Cline. The smooth transition is a real example of Lynn’s artistry. “Dark Room” still has the unique style that is her own, but mixes in more rock with some great guitar riffs and heavier sounding vocals, it became my personal favourite. The EP closes with a track called “Until Tomorrow” and tells the sweet story of love and closeness while sleeping next to someone you love. It’s a fun track that will be sure to have you singing along, and of course, is packed full of those powerhouse vocals that Lynn achieves so effortlessly.

The self-titled EP release from Lynn Moffatt is a great addition to your playlist. It’s also one of those records that makes you crave the live experience, knowing that in itself would be one great show. I know I’ll be watching my local concert listings.

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