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Most people in their mid-teens are still figuring out their passions. Jules, though? She’s got the music thing, both vocally & lyrically, down to an art of someone well beyond her years. Getting ready to release her debut full-length album, People Watching, Jules has already had the chance to train & work with some of the best in music with so much more on the way.

Your new single “Before You Picked Her” sets a certain tone to your People Watching album in terms of taking back the power from someone. Is there a fine line when it comes to how personal you get in your songwriting?

I personally don’t think there is a line. When someone listens to my music, they are also listening to me and what I have to say. I get up front and personal with my songwriting because I want to. The only way for someone to get to know me as an artist is through my songwriting, and what better way then getting personal.

The whole album has this fantastic driving energy with vocals likened to other Canadian ladies including Serena Ryder, Feist, and Tegan & Sara. Who are some of the artists/bands that inspired you to pursue music in a serious way?

All these ladies are fantastic artists. I personally have been inspired by Pink, The 1975, Lany, The Arkells, and Bruce Springsteen.

You had the chance to spend some time at Berklee School of Music last year! How did that come about and what were your biggest takeaways from the experience?

I won a scholarship from Unsigned Only to attend Berklee’s summer program. I realized that when I was around other musicians who respected and appreciated my music, it pushed me to do better. I didn’t think I could love music any more than I already did, but after Berklee I have this consuming love with this thing called “Music”

I saw/heard genres like indie-pop, indie-rock and R&B included in your vocal stylings; are there any others you’d like to dabble in, in the future? Hip-hop? Rock & roll? Maybe jazz?

I would like to dabble in some reggae. Not many people know, but I am guilty of vibing to Reggae music on the daily and wishing I was on the beach in Jamaica.

Outside of music, you volunteer at The Darling Home for Kids in Ontario as well as supporting Cancer Research and Sick Kids Hospital. What drew you to these organizations in particular?

I have personal experiences that make me appreciate my life every day. I enjoy giving back to the community in any way I can.

What’s next for you?

Playing, writing and more playing. I want to keep writing and making great music with new people that I meet and just doing what I love.

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