The Road Hammers release their cover video of “All Your Favorite Bands”

The Road Hammers are Canada’s highest-selling country band in history and they have proven once again why that is so. They took a classic song and gave their fans a chance to witness a softer and more vulnerable side of the normally rock-driven band. “All Your Favorite Bands,” is a cover originally recorded by American band Dawes in 2015. Shooting this video in black and white gives it a classic feel. After all, it is a classic ballad, the one and only ballad from The Road Hammers album, The Squeeze.

The video was filmed at Noble Street Studios in Toronto and recorded in one take and what makes this video unique is having Clayton Bellamy on lead vocals. His voice is poignant and intoxicating. Jason McCoy and Chris Byrne singing pitch-perfect harmonies make “All Your Favorite Bands” one that will become one of your all-time favourite The Road Hammers tune.

Says Clayton Bellamy,

“We perform “All your Favorite Bands” in our live show and when we saw the reaction of the crowd, we knew our cover needed to be on the album. Whether you’re a musician or a music fan, this song immediately connects with you on an emotional level. It quickly became one of our favourites.”

Stream or download “All Your Favorite Bands” from the album The Squeeze here.

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