Countdown to 2018 ECMAs – Interview with Jacques Jacobus

Photo Credit: William Gignac

ECMA 2018 takes place from May 2-6 in Halifax, NS. With so many talented East Coast artists up for awards, we knew we had to chat with some of them in anticipation of the big event! Every week from now until May 4, we will be chatting with a nominee. We spoke with the progressive metal band, Tactus last week. Now, it’s time to chat with Clare, Nova Scotia-born, Jacques Doucet, otherwise known as Jacques Jacobus, who is nominated for Francophone Recording of the Year for Le retour de Jacobus.

Take a few moments to find out more about him, and check out the video for “Gone sur (une) trip” below.

First off, care to introduce yourself to our readers?

Hello my name is Jacques Alphonse Doucet AKA Jacobus AKA jacques jacobus from Clare, Nova Scotia.

You are nominated for the East Coast Music Awards this year, what was your reaction when you found out you were nominated?

I was excited and surprised when I found out. I think someone posted it up on Instagram and then my booking agent called me. It was cool.

Is this your first nomination?

This is my first nomination as a solo act and for French album recording. I’ve won 2 ECMA hip-hop awards with my band, RadioRadio.

Are you looking forward to the 2018 ECMAs in Halifax this May?

Of course, it’s Halifax and it’s a fun time every year.

Do you have any memorable stories from previous ECMAs?

Too much party time and good times to remember but the showcases are fun and the award show is always a good vibe.

Will you be performing anywhere that you can tell us about during the 2018 East Coast Music Awards, Festival & Conference?

I’ll be performing on May 5 at The Toothy Moose at 8:30 pm.

If someone has yet to catch you live, what can be expected from your live performance?

Energy, good times and a bit of culture shock.

You are nominated up against many talented East Coast artists, who are you looking forward to checking out in Halifax?

I’m looking forward to discovering bands that I haven’t heard of yet, and support my fellow French acts.

If you were asked to give an up-and-comer some advice, what would that advice be?

Go to places, and meet people. Don’t stay in your hotel room.

Speaking of up-and-coming East Coast artists, we are always happy to find new artists to check out, can you recommend any up-and-comers for us to check out?

I say go see the style of music you love and feel, then do the opposite and go see something new. The names you know are things you’ve heard of. So go and discover things.

Now’s your chance to plug your new music, tours or anything else, what do you have going on this year?

Will be touring my solo project « le retour de jacobus » mostly in Québec and Ontario with a few maritime shows this summer, but I’m finishing my new album « Caviar » that should come out early 2019.

Last but not least, is there anything you’d like to say to your fans?

GO and discover new bands and listen to something different because…you never know. It might be the thing at this years ECMAs.

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