Review – Slingshot Miracle

Album: Greater Good
Release Date: February 20, 2018
Genre: Rock

Calgary’s own Slingshot Miracle released their sixth studio album Greater Good earlier this year. The album is said to follow two diverging characters through the turmoil and triumphs of their journeys –  only to end in a showdown, revealing their true similarities. The riff-heavy, lyrically genius album is composed of 11 tunes – sure to have listeners rocking along the whole way.

“Cast” kicks things off with quite the alt. rock guitar riff before branching into sounds that dance through the airwaves. Catchy lyrics presented by eclectic vocals are sure to transport listeners into a groovy headspace. The ease and funk of this tune makes it a lot of fun to listen to – and will surely become one played in regular rotation.

Next up is “Just Wanna Die On A Monday” – reminiscent of a modern-day Ramones, it’s a more mellow tune for Slingshot Miracle. Including melodious riffs, and a good beat – the tune speaks of weekday blues, after a thrilling weekend… a tune I’m sure many can relate to!

“Lost Cat” brings forward bluesy vibe. A steady beat and softer guitar tones, and softer, sweeter vocals bring a more soulful side of Slingshot Miracle to the forefront – while keeping up with the signature funkiness of Slingshot Miracle. It is a tune that is sure to have listeners intrigued, from start to finish.

“The Great Inquisitor” is reminiscent of The Northern Pikes in their earliest stages. From nasally qualities of the vocals to the quintessential 80’s rhythmic beat, this song is a blast from the past with a modern twist. Giving listeners a unique spin on a classic sound – Slingshot Miracle is sure to have listeners grooving along.

“Get Up!” is quite the rock anthem – beginning with a rather daring snippet of dialogue before breaking into an angsty rock blitz. Keeping the lyrics simple, and the tune on the shorter side (while still packing it full of rock excellence) will absolutely keep this tune in the heads of anyone who hears it. Short and sweet!

Slingshot Miracle’s sixth studio album Greater Good is sure to have anyone who comes across this daring band obsessed! These daring tunes are sure to rock the world’s of many – and keep them coming back for more!

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