Hunter Brothers to release new single, “Those Were The Nights” on March 14

March 14 can’t come soon enough for the Hunter Brothers and their fans. This is the date when their newest single, “Those Were the Nights,” is released.

The Hunter Brothers wanted to drop this single before the April 20 start date of their going on tour with High Valley, where they will be opening on all seven of the Ontario tour dates.

But, let’s get to the single. “Those Were the Nights” is going to be your anthem. And, it’s because Luke, J.J., Ty, Brock, and Dusty  – a.k.a. the Hunter Brothers – who are the epitome of Canadiana country went above and beyond on this one. This single just brought me back to my teenage years, when you found a song that would be “your song, your summer theme song.” The lyrics are perfect for it. They are light and carefree. The melody is upbeat and the brothers’ harmonies soar once again. This upbeat tune has got a pop vibe to it and will connect easily with the audience.

I immediately knew “Those Were the Nights” would become one of my favourites because it puts happiness in my heart and energy into my life. It’s a tune that will grab you then stick in your head from the moment you listen to it. You will “dance on the edge of the silhouette sky.”

“Those Were the Nights” will be available everywhere starting March 14.

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