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With a reggae base to Ammoye‘s music, it’s easy to feel a light-hearted nature but listen closely to her lyrics to feel just how deep she really goes. Not only does Ammoye speak so many truths through her music, but she also lives those truths as a Lightworker & Soul Rebel. This woman’s got heart, soul, and light coming from every inch of her, which is more needed in today’s world than so many before.

First off congratulations on your recent Juno Nomination (your 4th overall since 2013) for Reggae Recording of the Year! What does it mean to you to be nominated for the awards? 

Thank you so much! What it means to me to be nominated in the Juno Awards is for me one of gratitude. I feel it’s the Universe’s way of saying job well done. For my team and I, it inspires us and motivates us to keep on doing what we are doing. To be recognized and acknowledged by the Juno awards board and CARAS means so much and it makes me want to continue to write and perform music that inspires others to go out there in the world and do whatever it is they love and enjoy doing as well no matter where they’re from, circumstances or situations. The message is to always believe in yourself, go after your dreams, be determined and resilient in always taking action towards your goals and desires and know that all of the rest will come together and fall into place. I am very excited, thrilled and thankful to be nominated again this year!

Music for you started back in the day while growing up in Jamaica before you made your way to Toronto in your late teens. Do you remember what that transition was like for your music? A struggle, an inspiration or a bit of both?

The Transition for me coming to Toronto from Jamaica was yes a bit of both a struggle and an inspiration, I would say. A struggle because that’s when I had to make a clear decision on what direction I was going to take when it came to my career and my life at the time. It was for me either going to college and studying travel and tourism to become a flight attendant (the safe route & reliable pay cheque) or taking the fearless leap and going full throttle for my music. (Feeding my soul). Which was a scary decision at the time. I made the latter after I year at Seneca College. I was more inspired to do that because I always felt the calling to do music, to write and perform. Even though it scared me to death, it had a strong hold over me that couldn’t be ignored. I knew it was and is my calling. I recognized as well the opportunities that living in Toronto now presented to me to follow that dream because of the many resources here, compared to living in a ghetto in Jamaica with limited opportunities to offer. I was not going to take it for granted. It was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made to date in my life. Even though it’s been a struggle over the years, doing my music…following my dream has changed my life in ways already I could have never imagined, and so I look forward to continuing to bust down and open all the doors ahead of me, taking the opportunities and gifts to share my music with like-minded people and music lovers all over the world for years and years to come.

You call your genre Jamma Fusion a mix of Reggae, Dance, Hip Hop & Soul RnB. Are there any other genres you want to dabble in along the way?

Yes, I call my music Jamma Fusion indeed. Growing up in Jamaica I was exposed to not just Reggae and Dance Hall music but so many other genres that I fell in love with. I was influenced by, soul, disco, country, jazz you name it. I love mixing and fusing the different genres with Reggae, making it my own. It’s fair to say I love music, all forms as long as it speaks to my soul. So yes absolutely I’d love to dabble more with other genres going forward, like more soul, jazz, pop, country, electronic, house, inspirational etc, you can bet on it. It keeps it all interesting and exciting, fresh and new for me and keeps the creative juices flowing in a great way!

Your newest album The Light includes 17 original tracks which is quite a few more than the average album these days. Was there anything in particular that made you want to share so much new music at once?

What made me want to share so much new music at once with my audience on my newest album The Light was easy for me, I felt it was my duty to share as much with them now because I felt like its been a long time coming. I’ve been working on music for a very long time now professionally. My first EP Kicking Rocks came out in 2007 with 3 singles and a couple remixes. The next official release was a joint collab album with Rise Ashen from Ottawa called Haffi Win in 2010, that unfortunately didn’t get the push and promotion I felt it deserved at the time, because a lot of people still don’t know about it. However, I do feel at the appropriate time it will have It’s day. Long story short 2017 made it possible to have the opportunity to release my first full solo album The Light. For the past 4 years now I’ve been going through a Spiritual awakening a self-realization a rebirth if you will, which inspired me to write so many songs that I felt appropriate to speak on the journey I was experiencing. I wanted to share them all with my SoulRebelz on The Light so they could understand where I’ve been, where I am now and where I am destined to go through The Light. 17 songs plus 2, bonus tracks which made it a 19 tracks album. A lot of songs yes, compared to the usual releases these days but I’m not here to do and follow what everyone else is doing, I walk my own path and I always go with my intuition (The Light within me) and it felt right that all those songs made it on the album, and so that’s what we did to tell the full story. There’s a song for everyone on the album and all kinds of situations on there to relate to, to inspire healing, love, change, understanding, awakenings all waves of emotions.

Looking at some of your photos may it be headshots, red carpets or performing, your fashion takes on a life of its own (In a beautiful way). Has fashion always been a big part of your image?

Fashion has always and will always be a big part of my image and lifestyle. I love fashion it’s a unique way for me to express myself through the visual language and art of creativity through clothing. It’s an art I want to explore and dive into more deeply and passionately now and in the future. I was influenced and inspired as a young child from back home in Jamaica by my aunts and my mom, they are my original fashionistas. I also was inspired by artists like Grace Jones and Michael and Janet Jackson to name a few, I love Grace’s unique style and fashion sense. It’s daring and fierce and I aim to influence and inspire others in my unique way with fashion as well.

What’s next for you?

What’s next for me is everything… touring, more new music, Even getting into book publishing and acting are other opportunities I want to take advantage of. So many things I want to do, so keep watching as we have a lot of great things cooking up for the here and now and future time and space to keep you inspired by the energies I have within me to continuously express. This is only the beginning!

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